Your All Time Best Clans

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Re: Your All Time Best Clans

Post by Obama »

damn these nostalgia, everyone bringing up their clans to be remembered. pretty nice stuff

i would include unexpected by banger weedy mario , was quite a team as well.

also thx for remembering NiP and kind words, olci was a beast too, jmz wasnt bad either. kinda good times.

also i disagree about exx being in same category with KZ or uNk, specially in terms of gameplay quality, also kz(mostly different squad) was like baby steps of eXX, while uNk can be called teenager era with some kind of similar lineup apart from some important players.
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Re: Your All Time Best Clans


Best clan would be storm. Even when Meche was CL they had some serious line up with barbossa and others.

3. DoD,UsK, sC UzZ, Kc
4. Acid, dopamine, wF
5. puRe

There are no newer teams involved in this voting.
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Re: Your All Time Best Clans

Post by tontonEd »

Best competitive from all time is undoubtedly Storm_PL, 2nd is Exxalted.
competitive AM : lone
honorable : Black, Mighty, DoD, ofP
for servers and mods : |IFwsI|

you all forgot .:uLtimate:.

from my newbies eyes they were incredible : Aimerz, Acer, nomoneyxd, sH, USSR, <fruitpapje>, Massive..

not that objective : |fruit|, Juice, Nerdz, mythic
others : mindcore, ImperiuM

do you reamember nightLife with that girl ? Beck ? aha
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Re: Your All Time Best Clans

Post by Pad »

best eu clans: dod, acid, storm, dopamine, massive
best am clans: king, lcs2d, 2dbr, tgv, nightrise
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Re: Your All Time Best Clans

Post by club619 »

- Storm_PL
- *3lectric
- d0pa[MiNe]
- >'#Black#'<
- wF ||
playing since 2008


nomoney[xD] / x!Le / unle4shed / warFighter / Storm / *3lectric / Mythic / quick$!Lv3r / AcerZ / Wu Tang Clan / attn.sports / m0stw4nt3d
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